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EDC Minutes May 11, 2017



Regular Meeting – May 11, 2017 

The Board of Directors of the Big Lake Economic Development Corporation, of the City of Big Lake, met on Thursday, May 11, 2017, at their regular monthly meeting at 6:00 pm in the conference room of the office of Economic Development. 

Meeting was called to order by President, Frank White at 6:25 pm. Present were board members Frank White, Melvin Davis, Jr., Miranda Davidson, Angel Olvera, Kim Hutchinson, Brandi Lemons, Gloria Baggett, Director, Melanie Spratt-Anderson, Attorney and Michelle Ferguson, Assistant. Not present was Carl Baker. Citizens John and Alice Long were also present. A Quorum was established; Frank led pledges and Kim led the invocation.



B: Discussion and Possible Action on:  

1)     Director’s Report: Gloria updated the Board Logisticus approached her to inquire where the company could lease 10 to 15 acres (cleared) as “marshalling yard” for the Santa Rita Wind Farm wind turbine components. Several contacts were given. Logisticus advised they chose a location near 12th Street and SH 137 in the industrial area. Logisticus Group also expressed interest in contact information for the railroad. Gloria will be meeting next week with the Logisticus Group. The BLEDC was also advised wind turbine components will start being transported on May 22, 2017. Gloria advised the Board that the logistics and coordination of the transport of the components should be expressed and discussed with Sheriff Jeff Garner in effort to mitigate traffic concerns. Gloria informed the Board that there is an investment group based out of California that may be interested in residential financing for Big Lake at the old hospital site. They were put in touch with Kyle Rockwell for possible real estate development. Gloria concluded by advising City Secretary, Stacey Stroud, agreed to write a letter to the Comptroller’s Office and request a specific business report.

2)     Grant Application Update: Dodd Law Firm – Stephen and Michelle Dodd appeared before the Board to discuss the grant. The BLEDC purchased the Dodd Law Firm building from Linda Rees. As agreed upon the BLEDC contacted Shaw’s Electric was awarded the bid for the A/C work and the work was completed. The original grant amount was $65,909.87. Because of EDC policy, Gloria requested funds of $4, 526.50 for beautification be added to grant amount instead of being part of the Beautification project. Gloria requested the Board determine: 1) purchase price of the building, 2) determine the number of employees for job creation and 3) determine whether or not add the cost of landscaping to the grant. A motion was made by Kim to award a grant for business expansion and job creation of $70,436.37 and require 1 additional new job creation for a 5-year period, Seconded by Brandi. All were in favor and motion was carried. Melanie will draw up the contract and performance agreement.

3)     C. J.’s Diner: Melanie Spratt –The Board discussed the recap from the previous Board Meeting involving bids for removal if Vent-a-Hood Suppression System: Gloria presented a breakdown of the grant fund utilization and bids for costs of repossessing, storing and storing the parts. C.J.’s Diner was awarded a $22,000 grant; remaining of the $22,000 is $1,173.96. In a meeting with Mr. Gonzalez, he agreed the system could be repossessed or monthly payments would be made as a result of the default of the grant. Melanie informed the Board that Mr. Gonzalez chose to make the monthly payments of $289.25 for 6 years but would pay the lump sum if he were able to do so within the 6-year period. Melvin made a motion to accept payments of monthly payments $289.25 for 6 years or, at any time within the 6-year period Mr. Gonzalez could pay a lump sum of $10,000, any prior payments made would not be credited or subtracted from the lump sum agreement and payments will be due starting June 1, 2017. Angel seconded the motion, all were in favor. Motion carried. Miranda added that Melanie will need to write a letter that explicitly explains the payment agreement and copy the BLEDC.

4)     Business Appreciation Dinner Date Change: Gloria inquired if the date could be changed from September 12, 2017 to September 26, 2017. Gloria already contact the speaker and the community center is available on September 26, 2017. The Board agreed to reschedule the Business Appreciation Dinner Date.  

5)     Connected Nation Assessment: Gloria informed the Board of the Stillwater Foundation funding a study by Connected Nation. Gloria updated the Board on the responses and completions of the survey. A spreadsheet was presented that included the entities, persons and sectors of responses and which others needed more participation. The ad is published in the Big Lake Wildcat. Gloria noted that next month there would be a better idea of responses.  

6)     EDC Competitive Assessment Comparison – Michelle Ferguson: A slideshow presentation was given to compare the 2014 TEEX Report, the 2002 UTPB Report and the Retail Gap Analysis. A brief history of the city, county, population and oil and gas production was included. The purpose of the presentation was to inform the ongoing needs and accomplishments made throughout the year. Also, to bring awareness of the importance of these studies.

7)     Beautification Update: Gloria advised there is one project from phase 1 that needs completion. The project’s location is AAA Testers. There is one project from phase 2 that has not been done. The Beautification Committee met to select phase 3 sites. These sites include the Derrick Inn, Mustang Motel, Big Lake Electric, city lot at the corner of Louisiana Street and US 67, and Los Cazadores. Contact with Dollar General is also trying to be made to include their road frontage. Nina Hallmark has been selected as a consultant to provide renderings and bidding specifications. Requests for bids will be sent out and published in the Big Lake Wildcat until June 1, 2017 and a quorum will convene on June 8, 2017 to open the bids. Gloria inquired to Melanie what to do if the bids went over the budgeted amount. Frank said the project may have to be smaller. Gloria added that the Louisiana and US 67 site is projected to cost half of the budgeted amount. Melvin expressed concern of Cornerstone’s presence of a consultant and bidder on the project. It was further decided that advertising for bids would also be given to the San Angelo Standard Times. The importance of continuity and uniformity were expressed. The Community Development Budget was read aloud so that the Board knows what funds are available. Discussion only, no action taken.

8)     Budget Amendment: A budget amendment will be on the next agenda for the replacement of a cell phone.

9)     Property Discussion: Nothing to Report.

10) Board Members’ Input: No input given.            


C. Consent Items – Discussion and Possible Action On: The minutes from April 20, 2017 were approved along with payment of bills and financial statement. A name “Dorsey” was circled, corrected as “Darcy” and initialed/approved by Kim. A motion was made by Kim to approve all items and seconded by Melvin.  Motion carried; none opposed. 


Having no further business; motion made to adjourn by Kim; seconded by Melvin. Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm. This meeting was held in compliance of the Texas Open Meetings Act. 


Written by:  Michelle Ferguson 

Approved by: ______________________________ Board, Member